Max the Cat Studios Ltd.
Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Founding date:
April 17, 2014


Press / Business contact:
[email protected]


Road Trip Usa

Vancouver BC V6Z 3E3

+1 (604) 512 2615


Max the Cat Studios Ltd. is a games development studio, we make fun and engaging games for everyone. Max the Cat Studios specializes in developing games using Unity3d for mobile platforms. Max the Cat Studios is owned and operated by Desmond Fernando, with some help from Max the Cat (who likes to be paid in treats).


Desmond Fernando

Desmond Fernando has over 20 years of experience in the games industry. Having first started doing Amiga ports for MicroProse UK. Desmond worked at Ocean Software in Manchester UK and Sales Curve Interactive in Southampton UK before getting hired by Electronic Arts Canada. At EA Desmond was part of the FIFA team. After EA Desmond worked at Barking Dog Studios / Rockstar Vancouver before joing SpinTop Games. PopCap Games aquired SpinTop in 2007. Desmond's last role at EA / PopCap was as Technical Director.


While Max cannot code or draw, Max does serve as a great source of inspiration and very cute pictures. Max is a former bookstore cat.

KnuckeBone Entertainment Inc.

Max the Cat Studios Ltd. was formely KnuckleBone Entertainment Inc. KnuckleBone Entertainment Inc. was founded by seven ex-PopCap exmployees after the PopCap Vancouver studio was closed. The team behind KnuckleBone Entertainment has a long history of creating award winning and very successful Hidden Object Games. First as SpinTop Games then as PopCap Games. As a team they created titles such as Mystery P.I., Amazing Adventures, and Vacation Quest. They were also part of the team behind the Hidden Agenda Facebook game.

Max the Cat Studios Ltd.

KnuckleBone Entertainment Inc. was renamed as Max the Cat Studios on April 17 2014. The founding members of KnuckleBone Entertainment decided to part ways. Desmond remained as the sole owner. Road Trip USA was initially developed by KnuckleBone Entertainment Inc. and in November 2014 with the agreement of the former members Desmond continued work on Road Trip USA and released the game to the Apple App Store in March 2015.



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Awards & Recognition

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Desmond Fernando
    President & Developer


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